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 WISE - Wide incorporation of social-cultural education of adults from Nordic-Baltic peripheral areas. Creation of methodology.
The main goal of the project.
The goal of the project is to create a network that would identify the most effective ways for educating Lithuanians, Latvians, Icelanders, Swedish, Norwegians, Danish about social environment, culture and labour market (further in the text term ’socio - cultural education’  will be used). This education mainly focuses on peripheral areas in Nordplus region. The network would focus in finding the best methods to educate adult in socio - cultural field as there has been noticed a need to educate people (especially from peripheral areas) about social and cultural environment in other countries. Various important problems like tolerance, understanding, integration could be solved much easier in Nordplus region by creating a socio - cultural education network.

Project idea.
Within last few years a lot of people from Lithuania and Latvia were and are working in Iceland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Organizations dealing with adult education or general consultancies have noticed that foreign people living in Northern countries know very little about local culture and social environment. At the same time it was noticed that northen people do not know about mentality and culture of Lithuanians and Latvians as well. The problem is even deeper if we will talk about people from small villages and towns (peripheral areas) in all four countries. These people have even less contact and information about other cultures in their everyday life. Such a lack of information and knowledge leads to conflict situations between groups of society - newcomers usually do not know local culture; therefore they unconsciously make some disrespectful actions. Local people consider it as a non appropriate – so small misunderstanding atmosphere is being created. Persona Optima Iceland had many contacts with newcomers in Iceland, as well as with Icelanders who are related with foreigners (employers, etc.). Organization has noticed, that even short conversation about understanding culture and tolerance where helping people to be more positive towards each other’s actions. Also it was raising interest for further studies of the culture and social environment. Even though there is a clear need for socio – cultural education in mentioned countries, we think that first of all it is essential to create a network of organizations that could:
Identify most effective methods and tools for such an education;
With a help of created network efforts in such a education would be more influential and effective.     
Main goals:
To create a network;
To prepare material about socio - cultural envoroment in every partner country;
To make focus group research in every partner country;
To create a webpage that would give a lot of information for target group;
To disaminate an idea of the project;
To attract attention to socio - cultural education and self-education;
To FIND OUT BEST WAYS IN EDUCATING adults about socio - cultural enviroment in other countries;
To raise interest of organizations that are involved in adult learning; and to incourage them to give attention to socio - cultural education.

Coordinator and author of project idea is

Persona Optima Iceland EFH.
This company as an organization is a new in international project arena. This project is perfect opportunity to share our findings with partners and related units of the project; we are establishing relationships with partners from other countries, expanding our knowledge and sharing our own findings with others. Read more...

Reached results, findings

Experience sharing report

Socio - cultural environment report
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Focus group research
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WISE wide incorporation of socio-cultural education of adults from Nordic-Baltic peripheral areas. Creation of methodology.
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