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Videnscenter for Integration (Resource Centre for Integration) collects and adapts knowledge, develops and implements projects designed to promote the integration of migrants to the Danish society.

VIFIN was established in autumn 2002, to respond to the gap created by the dissolution of government councils and boards, including those handling integration issues. The Centre’s target groups are ethnic minorities and those working in Counties, Municipalities, organisations and institutions involved in migrant integration. The Centre implements projects at the local, national and European levels.

A Board composed of representatives from: The Municipality of Vejle, the Danish Employers Confederation, the Danish Confederation of Trade Unions and the Vejle Integration Council sets the Centre’s directions and objectives. The Mayor of Vejle sits as the Chairman of the Board. A Director runs the Centre’s day-to-day operation.

Mission, Vision & Values


To facilitate the integration of migrants and refugees to the Danish society through the development, promotion and establishment of best practice.

To be the partner of choice on projects concerning knowledge, dialogue and innovative ideas on integration.
Always involve target groups in the Centre’s knowledge, experiences and resources.

VIFIN shares the Vejle Municipality’s values:
People at the centre
 Openness and dialogue
 Initiative and professionalism
 Health and job satisfaction


Project Development & Implementation
VIFIN develops and implements projects especially those focused on integration of migrants to the labour market, education and training.
Survey& Evaluation
VIFIN helps in the development and conduct of surveys and project evaluation. The surveys may be conducted online through a website, or through paper questionnaires.
Development of Teaching Materials
VIFIN develops internet-based teaching materials that can be used for e-learning at language schools, workplaces, libraries and community centres. Read more on and look at the websites that we build in different projects from our own website
The Centre provides information on foundations, funding possibilities, and support systems. VIFIN assists in the development and preparation of project proposals.
Courses & Conferences
The Centre organizes training courses, conferences, inspiration days and workshops, either as lead- or co-organizer.
Consultancy Service
VIFIN offers consultancy services, counselling and project idea development. The Centre has pool of resource persons who can provide expert advice and assistance.
Network- & Partner Building
The Centre initiates and helps establish networks and partnerships - local, national and international. The networks may be physical or virtual, but often, is a combination of both.
Graphic Design
VIFIN undertakes design and lay-out of brochures, posters, books and other publication materials.

Education in the socio-cultural field

Courses in understanding of the Danish society are part of the training and introduction program that migrants are obliged to take part in. The duration of the course is at least 20 hours and must take place during the first 6 month after arriving in Denmark. The goal of the course is to give for the foreigner some basic information of the society in order for him/her to take part in society on equal terms with other citizens. According to a report   from 2000 the majority of the migrants are satisfied with these courses.

VIFIN has implemented projects from witch could be drawn experiences, for example:
 a project on role models where we trained adult migrants to present themselves and their way to success in Denmark (
 a project training ethnic Danes at the workplace to gain more intercultural experience in order to support more migrants to work at their workplace  (
 a project identifying and training ethic minorities running or planning to manage small shops or productions. The content of the training programme was solely decided by the ethnic minorities themselves (

Based on these and other experiences we suggest to use empowerment in implementing education and training in the socio-cultural field and to use an intercultural approach.


Coordinator and author of project idea is

Persona Optima Iceland EFH.
This company as an organization is a new in international project arena. This project is perfect opportunity to share our findings with partners and related units of the project; we are establishing relationships with partners from other countries, expanding our knowledge and sharing our own findings with others. Read more...

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WISE wide incorporation of socio-cultural education of adults from Nordic-Baltic peripheral areas. Creation of methodology.
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