Two focus group researches were carried out in Latvia:

1) Foreigners living in Latvia,

2) Latvians – locals living in Cesis region.

  1. Foreigners. (3 Danes, 2 Belorussians, 1 Frech person)

- How well (how soon) did you understand local culture?

Almost all of the respondents answered that they still are not sure they understand local culture.


- How well (how soon) did you understand social life?

All respondents meant that Latvians are very introvert people and it took a lot of time for them to understand the social life. Understanding of social life came with experience – the longer you live in Latvia, the more you try to understand Latvians.

- How well (how soon) did you adapted into society?

Majority answered that they are still not adapted into society, because it was hard to communicate with locals (especially those living in countryside). Some of respondents who have lived in Latvia for more than 5 years told that they are partly adapted to the society they are living, but not outside their village.


- Do you present your own culture in Latvia?

One respondent was sure that he does, because he has opened his national (French) café. Others admit that they are not doing anything special to present their culture, because it seems that Latvians are not interested in that.


- Do you think that local people are interested into knowing other cultures and your culture?

Majority of respondents answered that Latvians are interested in other cultures, but they do not show it to foreigners. They better go home and read books or search internet everything they are interested in other cultures.



Majority thought that it can be national cuisine and handicrafts.


If locals are interested in other cultures, they definitely find information without asking where to find it. They buy tourist information books and search internet. There are very some people who come and ask something about other cultures, but it happens very rarely.


- Do you think that foreigners in Iceland are educated about local culture?     

All respondents answered that foreigners are not educated about local culture.

  1. LATVIANS – locals. 7 people have participated in the focus group.
- What do you know about foreigners living in Latvia?

More of the respondents answered that they have no complaints towards foreigners. Two respondents mentioned that some of the foreigners have no respect to Latvian culture and traditions.


- Are you familiar with culture of those foreigners? - Would you like to know more?

All participants answered that they are familiar with the culture they are interested in and if they want they find information with the help of the books and videos, but usually they do not ask foreigners to tell about their culture.


- Do you think that foreigners are ’educated’ about local – Latvian -culture?

The main answer was ‘partly”. If foreigner is interested in culture he definitely will find information and keep all the peculiarities in mind. As many foreigners living in Latvia are here only for work and business, they are not interested in social life and culture. There are foreigners who accept and who deny Latvian culture and that are their choice.


- Do you think that Latvians would like to know more about foreign cultures?

4 respondents answered ‘no’, but other 3 - ‘yes’.


- Which way of ’learning’ about other culture is most attractive /convenient for you?

The main answer was internet and videos about other countries. Some mentioned the books one can buy in bookstores. One respondent said that the best way to educate someone about culture is to visit different places in other countries and that will tell much more about culture than books and videos.


- Do you think that foreigners in Latvia should know more about local culture and social traditions? (Even before they come to Latvia)

All participants said that foreigners have to know more about our culture. It is necessary for them to adapt into society, because Latvians are not very open to tell strangers about their culture.


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