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Overview about Cesis and Cesis region

Cesis is a small town in Latvia. It is only 90km from the capital, but completely different from it. Cesis is historical town. Cēsis is one of the oldest but also one of the most Latvian towns. It is rich in picturesque landscapes and the past.  In 2006, Cēsis celebrated its 800-year anniversary. More information you can find in web page

Cesis is cultural town. Cēsis city hosts several cultural events, which have become popular both in the region and the state. There are amateur theatre and folk dance groups, choirs. People have the opportunity to attend several cultural activities. Cesis Culture Center is the biggest culture centre in Cesis region. It lies in Cesis centre. 14 amateur art groups operate under the wings of Cēsis Culture Center:

Unfortunately, there are not many people from countryside who attend these art groups. Therefore there are rather many art groups in the villages where people who want to do art are welcomed. Usually there are folk dance groups, folklore groups and amateur theatres. Once a year all amateur theatres and folk dance and folklore groups come together and show their art. This sounds great, but these are only a small part of adults who attend these groups, the biggest part of village inhabitants do not do any art and even are not motivated to do that. They lack motivation in learning something new and in meeting other people. There are 24 civil parishes in Cesis region. In each parish there are social workers who work with families and groups of people who need help. Of course social and cultural situation in the centres of parishes are much more developed than in the remote parts. Much depends on the chairman of the parish. There are several parishes where there is no culture centre and no art groups as a result inhabitants are not educated socially and culturally.

Experience, Findings and Suggestions

AD IT Training Centre is the branch of „AD IT” Ltd. The training centre was founded in 2007. It started its activity with English, Russian and Latvian courses for adults. Later the centre started working on applications for projects related with education and development.

AD IT Training Centre is mainly interested in teaching and educating people from far countryside. To develop this interest the training centre starts with research to find out the factors that can motivate and give interest to those people to be better educated.

AD IT Training Centre is rather new company, so it has not big experience in projects. The director has participated in study visit in Turkey in 2008. During the visit many interesting facts and ideas were considered, as the study visit took part in the place far from big cities. Some ideas will be implemented in Cesis region, but it takes time and stable economical situation is necessary in the country to fulfil the ideas. Now AD IT Training Centre works on Project WISE and gets information about immigrants in Cesis region.

As the centre has organised adult Latvian language courses, we have small but useful experience with immigrants. AD IT Training Centre has not implemented any project connected with immigrants in Cesis region. Actually there are not many immigrants in Cesis region. Cesis region is one of the biggest Latvian regions and there are not many working places to work.

Local inhabitants are mainly indifferent towards immigrants, but immigrants are not very much interested to cooperate with locals. This is the main problem in Cesis region. To improve this situation we participate in the project WISE and hope to develop a methodology how to teach both local people and immigrants living in Cesis region.


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Persona Optima Iceland EFH.
This company as an organization is a new in international project arena. This project is perfect opportunity to share our findings with partners and related units of the project; we are establishing relationships with partners from other countries, expanding our knowledge and sharing our own findings with others. Read more...

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